Tribute Speech: Your goal is to introduce the audience to an individual (living or dead) that is an inspiration to you, or someone you hold in high regard and/ or admire. (The people that you don’t know). One source of research required.






The outline is for the Tribute speech. The outline should include 3 parts: Introduce, main points, Conclusion




Example(just example, need a prefect outline):




Specific Purpose: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Central Idea: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx






Introduce: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx






Body/Main Points: (3 main points)    


                                                                     1: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx




                                                                               A: xxxxxxxxx




                                                                      3: xxxxxxxxxxxxx


                                                                             A: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


                                                                                  B: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


                                                                                   C: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx










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