in two short paraghraphs I need a meaning of my name …


she asked us about my name meaning and how my parents choose it… so we need to write these paragraphs in a very in a very intresting way.


so please write 2 paraghrapghs about my name meaning and how I am surprised how is this meaning kind of  effecting my own personality 



My name is Rawan and thats mean a beautiful pond, My parent did not think a lot about my name before I came because when my mother was pregnant she dreamed that she named me rawan and she was a very beauful girl so she decided to make the dream become true. but After I read about my name meaning I was surprised that my presonality is really affected by my name meaning which is a beautiful pond I am clear person and not mysterious …………..



please write more about the pond personality like clear, clean ,calm, pure from inside, i always try to look forward ext…and connected to me and to my personality  in 2 paraghaphs and talk how is names sometimes can affect the personality of a person..but focus on the pond and me




please write 2 pragrapghs about how my parents decided to name me and how my personality is effected by the pond description. in 250-300 words