Big 5 Personality Scale And Perceptual Errors – | Instant Assignment Help

Big 5 Personality Scale And Perceptual Errors – | Instant Assignment Help

Operations Management  – Business Finance

  For this assignment, please use the Big 5 personality scale in the link below and you will get specific % on each dimension of the Big 5.

• Free basic report is fine. 

1. Discuss the positive and negative aspects of your Big 5 results on each dimension and how this may affect the way you carry out your work and task. For example, if you got 75% on agreeableness, what is the positive and negative implication of this score when you work

If you have work experiences, please use your past experiences to support your arguments. If you do not have work experiences, then you can search from references or use school examples. 

2. Imagine that you are promoted to a managerial role. Based on your Big 5 results, determine what you think would be the best management style for you. Based on research, why do you think a particular management style you chose is the “best fit” for your personality (based on the Big 5 results)? The purpose of this question is for you to apply your Big 5 results into a managerial setting. 

Content flow

The Purpose:

A. We are wanting you to find the Big 5 personality test link in the portal and take the test- this i will provide if we start!

B. Record your results

C. Read about yourself and your dominant personality types(s)

The Paper:

A. Follow the instructions of the assignment (answer the questions)

B. Use the APA Draft Paper in the APA Folder in your portal

C. Create a paper that captures the following

– Introduction (what is the Big 5 and what are you doing in the paper)

– The Big 5 (describe it, reference it, explain what it is and why it is used)

– Your Results (explain your results, describe your personality type, reference it)

– Strengths (explain and describe the great things about your personality based on your results, reference it)

Areas to consider (explain and describe some of the limitations of your type, reference it)

Conclusion (sum it up)

 Reference Page (e.g., textbook, scholarly articles to support your learning and website etc.)

Not including your title page or reference page 5-8 pages is about right.


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