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I need to respond to what is below in 300-400 word in APA format with citing for my ethics class.

Neuroscientists offer yet another rationale, commonly referred to as the “mere exposure effect”: the more we’re exposed to something or someone, the more we like and trust it. A public figure I believe that has proved to be always truthful and organic is a media mogul, Oprah Winfrey. She always attracts our senses by appearing everywhere from live television to Broadway. Her image somehow triggers a neurochemical groove in our brain. Her repeated exposure of her confidence being shown on screen makes people have a sense of comfort sense and trusts. The more we see Orpah, the more we love her to which explains why she is trustworthy to half of America. Oprah spoked on things and made what seemed impossible, come to life. She speaks life and people see that with her and she has proven through her career and how many people she has helped throughout the world because of her humbleness. Also, everyone she meets, their life became better. I believe it is possible for a leader to be effective without being completely forthright because anybody can make anything seem or sound good with money and popularity. An example to that, in my opinion, is Mr. Donald Trump, this current leader is successfully rich and has been in the public eye for years. According to Fisher and Martin, “our no-fault society has led to no-fault insurance, no-fault divorce, and no-fault extremisms. It’s as if you have to tell the truth only when it has no bearing on how it affects others or is insignificant in the outcome.” Trump has been publicly popular with society by featuring in movies, commercials, and having his own reality show. He gives people what they want no matter how dangerous or dumb it can be if society wants to see a person jump off a cliff, Mr. Trump will find a way to make that happen regardless of the consequences.

Fisher, R., & Martini, P. (2004). Inspiring leadership. King of Prussia, PA: Academic Leadership.

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