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C-522 – collegepaperslab.com | Instant Assignment Help

Operations Management  – Business Finance

Hello want your help with assignment please 

The instructions:

write a summary of the readings to be uploaded one and a half single-spaced pages (approximately 900 words). Memo writers

must be prepared to lead the discussion for that class.

Content of the oral and written assignment will consist of 

1) a brief summary of the key

points of the readings;

 2) your comments on those key points—for example do you agree or

disagree? why or why not; and 

3)At the end of the paper do me 3 questions these readings raise but do not answer it. Power

Point is not required.


– Singer/Friedman. CyberSecurity and Cyber War, Part II (only sections below)

— The Crimes of Tomorrow, Today: What Is Cybercrime?

— Shady RATs and Cyberspies: What is Cyber Espionage?

— How Afraid Should We Be of Cyberterrorism?

— So How Do Terrorists Actually Use the Web?

— What about Cyber Counterterrorism?

– Valeriano/Maness. Cyber War Versus Cyber Realities, Chapter 2; Chapter 3, pp 65-71;

Chapter 4

I uploaded booth books for reading and an Example paper than what my paper should be like 

I also want a presentation about the reading around 4 or 5 slides 


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