Topic: Nuclear Power: Fission

Please use the following topic as indicated in the syllabus and classroom instructions to make a decision about the viability of this energy source as a component in the overall energy landscape.

Collect 10 resources (other than your textbook) from popular science magazines including Discover, Scientific American, New Scientist, or government websites by researching information about your energy source to identify the following:


a. How is the energy source currently used (production/extraction, percentage of overall energy sources, etc.)?


b. What are the advantages and disadvantages to using this energy source?


c. Based on the identification of the problem, what assumption will you be discussing in your QEP research paper?





Create an annotated bibliography in APA format. In this annotated bibliography, you will:


a. Provide the citation for each source found that addresses the questions listed above.


b. Write a brief summary (approximately 50 words) of the information learned from the citation.


c. Weed out any citations that contain no new information, meaning your bibliography should not just repeat information found in previous citations. If the citation does not add any new information, find another resource that will do so.