Can you write an discussion about gender or race in american TV?

The assignment is to watch 2 HOURS OF AMERICAN TELEVISION FROM 2014 or 2015.  You can choose any American television program you like — it can be one you watch for pleasure — two hours total (four 1/2 hour episodes or two 1 hour episodes. You can watch on YouTube or live or from a DVD or stream — it doesn’t matter how you watch it or on what device. But it MUST be current American television. 


Analyze in only two hours, not the total show!!

Your assignment is to write up a Media Analysis of the shows, focusing on their treatment of gender or “race” issues through the casting and the writing of the show. What does an analysis of the show tell you about American culture today in areas of “race”” and/or gender?

Your analysis should be 2 to 3 double spaced pages, around 500-700 words, and it should be free from PlAGIARISM!