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Case Study – | Instant Assignment Help

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Case study 5 “Solving Team Challenges at DocSystems Billing”

1. What problems exist in the organizations? Do these problems differ based on employees’ roles? Why do employees object to Jim’s proposed solution? 

2. Make a recommendation to the client about what could be done next based on the data included. Summarize your observations for Jim, offer possible interpretations, and suggest an approach for next steps. 

2.a) For your recommendation, refer to the uploaded article this week 
Lacerenza, C. N., Marlow, S. L., Tannenbaum, S. I., & Salas, E. (2018). Team development interventions: Evidence-based approaches for improving teamwork. American Psychologist73(4), 517.

The authors mention 4 types of team-based interventions. Which of these would you apply in this case and why? 

case is on page 385.   500-750 words.


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