cheesecake factory


Label your answer to each question. I want to see what you can grasp from the information I have provided as well as on your own. 

Use the Cheesecake Factory 10-K report and answer the questions below:
1. What is the stock ticker and stock exchange it traded on and the fiscal year end for the Cheesecake Factory?
2. Which audit firm conducted the audit of Cheesecake Factory’s financial reports?
3. What are some of the business segments Cheesecake Factory operates?
4. What are the total assets for the most recent two years?
5. What was the net income per share (diluted) for the most recent three years?
6. What are competitive strengths of the Cheesecake Factory?  – tell me what the term means and what the competitive strengths are specifically.
7. Under Risk Factors, choose two of the factors and give me an example of what the risk factor is addressing (contextualize the risk factor). 
8. Under Item 7 Management’s Discussion and Analysis, what are the two adjustments the managers made to calculate non-GAAP net income? Why did the management make these adjustments?

Please see attached 10-K report and videos from instructor below.

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The post cheesecake factory appeared first on Essay Writers.

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