You will write a 3 page comparative history paper.

A comparative history paper is comparing and contrasting two different time periods or places in history. The catch is: one of these time periods/places has to be what is within the boundaries of what is today Texas.

For example (these are just to get your mind going, not a list from which you need to pick):

Comparing the foundation of the Republic of Texas to the creation of the US Constitution.
Comparing the US Civil War to the English Civil War.
Comparing slavery in history to slavery in Texas.
The Texas Revolution compared to the American Revolution.
The end of slavery in Texas versus the British Empire.
Comparing Santa Anna to Napoleon.
Comparing the Caddo to the Apache (or comparing other Native American groups in Texas).
Comparing French and Spanish colonization efforts in Texas
Comparing and contrasting colonization of Texas by the Spanish and Virginia by the English.
Comparing slavery by Native Americans and slavery by settlers in Texas (Spanish or American settlers).
Comparing Spanish colonization in South America or Asia and Spanish colonization in Texas.
The paper should include at least FIVE (5) peer reviewed journal articles that are fully a properly cited in the paper.  Parameters will be: 12-point Times New Roman Font, 1 inch margin, Double spaced (Yes, this is still important!). References should be footnotes or end notes and follow the Chicago Manual of Style 16th (or 17th) edition. For more information regarding the Chicago Manual of Style, see the Chicago Manual of Style at the Library or, more easily, consult Purdue Owl (

Papers will be turned in via Canvas using Turnitin to check for plagiarism.

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