Python 2 Functions Assignment

I will need you to complete a project in the free version of In codecademy, you will chose Python 2, then Functions, work through the project and submit your completed code from the vacation project you completed in codecademy.

Make sure it is syntactically correct for version 3 of Python (check this with IDLE). Add comments and use the specified
output to check it.
At the top of your program, use single line comments to give your name, class name, date, and the
name of the assignment. (1 point)
Use a multiline comment to give a description of what your program does. (1 point)
Use at least 3 comments at the end of your lines to explain what each line does. (3 points)
Program Elements
1. Your completed hotel_cost function
2. Your completed plane_ride_cost function
3. Your completed rental_car_cost function
4. Your completed trip_cost function
5. Have your trip_cost function use the following inputs and print the output: Pittsburgh, 12,
What to turn in
Submit the following to the Blackboard submission portal:
1. I need a screenshot of it running in the Python shell window (use Ctrl-Alt-Print Screen) pasted
into a Word document (or compatible format).
2. Your Python script (I need your .py file, not a screenshot of it)

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