WORKING WITH A FICTITIOUS BOARD, management homework help College Paper Lab |

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WORKING WITH A FICTITIOUS BOARD, management homework help College Paper Lab |

Option 2: Working With a Fictitious Board

If you decide that you cannot work with a real board but would like to participate in the course project by working with an artificial board, we have uploaded the information you need to meet the demands of the Board Effectiveness Assessment Reflection assignment.

Step 1: Review the background information to the organization and board of two artificial nonprofit organizations, Food for All and End of Life, and choose one to work with. Open the following document to access the background information for the Food for All and End of Life organizations:

Background Information to the organization and board of two artificial organizations.pdf

Step 2: Next, download the survey results of the board of the organization you are working with. Open the following documents to access survey results for the Food For All and End of Life boards:

Food For All Survey Report.pdf

End of Life Survey Report.pdf

Step 3: Drawing from the information you downloaded about the board and organization, submit a four to five page (1.5 spaced) document that includes the following:

  • An introduction to the BEAR that describes the purpose of the assignment and how it is organized.
  • Summarize the results of the board’s effectiveness assessment, including: Perceptions of the board’s overall effectiveness; top 10 governance strengths and challenges, and board effectiveness in the nine dimensions assessed. Use Tables and figures to communicate results to the board.
  • Generate a set of keywords based on your findings (e.g. fundraising, recruitment, composition, bylaws, committees, culture, leadership etc). Using keywords, review the literature and discuss why the issues exist in your board. Identify a set of practical recommendations to improve board effectiveness from a review of the literature. From your review of the literature, what “treatments” or “practices” and other useful suggestions based on the knowledge and expertise you have gained would improve your board’s effectiveness?
  • Create an implementation plan for the board that describes the practice recommendations in priority along within a suggested timeline for making changes over an 18-month period.
  • Protect the identities of the people and organization you are working with by using fictitious names or initials.
  • Cite references in the document in APA style.

Review criteria

Peer Review Grading Policy:

The BEAR assignment will be peer-reviewed and graded based on the following evaluation criteria:

  • Presented a summary of the board’s performance in a logical and coherent manner.
  • Reviewed the literature and discussed the significance of the findings for the board and organization;
  • Provided a clear, well organized presentation of practices to improve governance effectiveness that directly relate to the findings presented;
  • Made reference to the literature that is relevant to the findings and practical recommendations made
  • Recommendations for change prioritized.
  • Priorities communicated within a timeline that shows what and when the board should implement recommendations.
  • Cited references in APA style.
  • Protected the identity of people, the board, and organization.

Note: Please review the Introduction to Peer Learning and Evaluation before reviewing BEAR assignments. Please make allowances for those for whom English is a second language.

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