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management capstone, business and finance homework help College Paper Lab |

attached the previous document and make sure the ov score is 20.

APA writing and proper APA citations in paper.

Key Assignment Draft

  • Update the Management Research document title page with a new date and project name.
  • Update the previously completed sections based on the instructor’s feedback (see below).
  • Prepare a first draft of your research report. The report must include the following:
    • Week 1: Problem Identification, Impacts, Design of Research, and Literature Research
      • A statement of the problem
      • Impact of problem on the organization
      • Consequences if the problem is not resolved
      • How you intend to conduct the research on the issue and its impacts
    • Week 2: Problem Impact and Findings from Research
      • Review of the literature with discussion, findings, and conclusions
      • How you intend to measure the current state of the problem issue
      • How you intend to measure the success of the solution to the problem issue
    • Week 3: Data Collection, Research Analysis Methods, and Ethical Concerns
      • Identification of the data that are needed
      • How the data will be collected for the before and the after solution states
      • Measuring of those data
      • Analysis of measurement results
      • Findings of those results
      • Identification of ethical concerns
    • Week 4: New Content (Discussion and Conclusion on Approach)
      • Identify conclusions from the results.
      • Provide suggestions for changes.
      • List detailed solutions.
      • Compare different solutions.
      • Perform the cost–benefit analysis.
      • Analyze the proposed solutions to choose the best solution.
      • Discuss how successful the solution will be in resolving the issue.
  • Be sure to update your table of contents before submission and be sure to take week 3 and 4 from TOF and just have week 5 on page 3 please…..
  • originally score need to be only 20 please and no  plagrism in paper…
  • due date:  Saturday, April 30 and cant be late…

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