Goodwin’s Corporation, math questions help College Paper Lab |

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Goodwin’s Corporation, math questions help College Paper Lab |

2. Goodwin’s Corporation found that  of its employees were vested in their retirement plan. If 124 employees are vested, what is the total number of employees at Goodwin’s?

3. Eileen Haskin’s utility and telephone bills for the month totaled $180. The utility bill was 3 times as much as the telephone bill. How much was each bill?

5. Linda Mills and Sherry Somers sold 459 tickets for the Advertising Club’s raffle. If Linda sold 8 times as many tickets as Sherry, how many tickets did each one sell?

6. Jason Mazzola wanted to buy a suit at Giblee’s. Jason did not have enough money with him, so Mr. Giblee told him he would hold the suit if Jason gave him a deposit of  of the cost of the suit. Jason agreed and gave Mr. Giblee $79. What was the price of the suit?

8. Peter sold watches ($7) and necklaces ($4) at a flea market. Total sales for 48 watches and necklaces were $300. How     many of each did Peter sell? What were the total dollar sales of each?

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