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Now that you have your job description, job analysis, and basic pay structure created for your new position, starts to take a look at the benefits you will offer this employee. For this part of your project, continue to build on your compensation plan. You will do this by designing a benefit and incentive plan. This piece of the project should include the following:

  • Design an incentive program and apply to your job analysis and description.
  • Plan and create a detailed discretionary benefit plan and integrate the plan into the newly created position.
  • List the main benefits to the employees and costs of legally requiring benefits for employees.Â

This part of your project should be 2-3 pages and in APA format

Attached prior projects module 2 nd module 3, to know what to do in this one. Please follow instructions and it is important take a look to the other part of this big project.

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compensation project benefit plan – –

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