this is first question

Consider this assignment and post your opinion on ONE of the following questions.

  • If you were a help desk person, how would you feel if your manager asked you to train users while you were troubleshooting their issues? Please keep in mind as you answer this question, your performance is partially graded on how long it takes to complete a call.

this is second question

Complete the main portion of this assignment as outlined below. When applicable, adhere to APA formatting and reference guidelines.

Help desk representatives often assume the roles of both troubleshooters and educators. Many repeating issues can be alleviated by providing some training to users. Your supervisor has asked you to help your support team by finding some methods of providing training to the users while handling support issues.

  • Using the library and the Internet, investigate methods of training that might be provided by help desk representatives while handling support issues.
  • Describe 1 method that some level of educating users might be accomplished while maintaining the primary focus of a support incident on the resolution of the immediate problem.
  • Provide a specific support issue scenario to demonstrate how the process would work.
  • Identify the advantages and disadvantages of providing education in combination with traditional problem resolution support.
  • Include at least 1 reference to research sources.

Grading Rubric:

 Rubric Item  Requirements  Points
 Response to Question(s) Student answered the question(s) fully and intelligently, and used the text as support for response(s).  70%
 Research Student included at least one reference to research sources and cited all references using APA format. 5
 Writing Quality Student used correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and format. 5
 Interaction Student responded with at least two quality follow-up posts to other students. 10
 Total Points   50

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