ecet ilab wk5


iLab: Verification of Network Theorems by simulation

Lab Exercise: This will be simulation lab using MultiSim to understand the different network theorems.


Scenario/Summary: At least two of thefollowing simulations must be attempted by the student.


Verify Loop Analysis Method by MultiSim simulation


Verify Superpposition Theorem Method by MultiSim simulation


Verify Thevinin’s Theorem Method by MultiSim simulation


The circuits must be containing resistors and one or two reactive components. Actual circuit descriptions are left to the discretion of the instructor.


Using pencil and paper, complete the assigned Laboratory Projects and then using one of the options described in the Syllabus (scan, digital picture, or Word/Equation Editor), submit your work to the iLab Dropbox for this week.

Your Week 5 lab submission should include:


Ø  Detailed calculations for the theorems on the circuits that you choose to prove

Ø  Screenshots of the simulation circuits and meter measurements

Ø  Discussions


o   Summary of steps

o   Summary of findings – Make comparisons between calculations and simulations


Ø  Conclusion


o   Conclude the entire lab in one or two paragraphs

o   The major points learned (how experiment results support the theories)