English 1101 250 -350 words

In about one page (probably between 250 and 350 words typed), respond to the following prompt, or a specific issue you found interesting, about this week’s section from the handbook. Two goals are especially important for these write-ups: first, that you demonstrate real thoughtfulness about the text which exceeds comprehension and summary — you must ask yourself questions about the readings and try to answer them; second, that your response demonstrate your familiarity with the text (that is, your response should prove to me that you have done the assigned reading). There’s a good deal to talk about in James Thurber’s “University Days,” so I’ll encourage you to pick a topic of your own choosing. If you’d like some extra prompting, reconsider the very specific scenes Thurber recaptures from his days at university (the botany professor trying to make him see cells, the economics teacher trying to get a correct answer from Bolenciecwcz, Thurber’s interaction with General Littlefield). What is Thurber’s point in relating these scenes? What seems to be the goal of the instruction in these moments? Obviously, they are not moments which praise or flatter the teachers or the schoolroom. What is Thurber’s argument? What is he getting at here?

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