This is a grant proposal. Here is the overview:
The systemic classism and racism in the United States of America has fostered a culture of significant disparities in healthcare to minority groups and those with low socio-economic status resulting in very negative health outcomes for these groups of people. Prescription drugs are very prevalent to this discussion and the area of focus on closing the wealth gap, in order to do this drug coverage must become more streamlined. Minority groups, especially Black and Hispanic people, have the lowest median household incomes and the highest predisposition to poor health outcomes, and have financially suffered the most during the pandemic. Black and Hispanic groups have also been shown to experience more serious symptoms of COVID-19 if they did become infected. This initiative is to grant these groups an immediate relief package and create legislation to give predisposed groups more coverage for pharmaceuticals permanently by increasing the maximum income to receive extra help. The funding for these programs will go to a team that will disperse it amongst insurance companies, wage for those working on legislation proposals, and individuals who are struggling to make ends meet paying for expensive prescriptions. The desired outcome is for minority and poverty groups to have more access to the prescriptions they need by lowering the amount they pay out-of-pocket long-term, and providing financial assistance to keep people afloat until that time comes.

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Equitable Perscription Drug Access for People of Color –

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