essay about Jekyll and Hype

In chapter 10 of this novel, Henry Jekyll declares that, man is not truly one, but truly two, and goes on to predict that people will be ultimately known for a mere polity of multifarious, incongruous and independent denizens.  Summarize what he means by these statements in the novel. 
Is he right and do we have different selves we present in different situations or to different audiences?  Please use your personal experience and the class readings as evidence for your position.

you should follow that:
1) An interesting introduction with a thesis that directly answers the question: Is he right . . .
2)  A 1-2 paragraph summary of the novel that directly defines the 2 quotes in the prompt. 
3)  At least 3 quotes from the novel (not counting the 2 prompt quotes)
4)  At least 2 quotes from other class readings in this section or from the immigrant voices from the Border Clash section. 
5)  At least 7 paragraphs long
6)  Correct use of at least 3 of the vocabulary words on the following page
7)  Topic sentences and Transitions

Vocabulary Words

Along with knowing (and using) the words in the prompt (polity, mulifarious, incongruous and denizens), please use at least 3 of the following vocabulary words in your paper

Alienation            estrangement            coherent
Unwarranted        detrimental                superficial

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The post essay about Jekyll and Hype appeared first on Essay Writers.

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