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The research prospectus is an expansion of your 10 Key Strategic Points and will serve as the framework for your dissertation proposal, and is considered the foundational document for your dissertation. The research prospectus will also assist your dissertation chair in providing valuable feedback to guide you in your dissertation. This assignment is the next step toward completing that process.

General Requirements:

Use the following information to ensure successful completion of the assignment:

The College of Doctoral Studies recognizes the diversity of learners in our programs and the varied interests in research topics for their dissertations in the Social Sciences. Dissertation topics must, at a minimum, be aligned to General Psychology in the Ph.D. program, Leadership in the Ed.D. Organizational Leadership program, Adult Instruction in the Ed.D. Teaching and Learning program, Management in the DBA program, and Counseling Practice, Counselor Education, Clinical Supervision or Advocacy/Leadership within the Counseling field in the Counselor Education Ph.D. program. If there are questions regarding appropriate alignment of a dissertation topic to the program, the respective program chair will be the final authority for approval decisions. Specifically, although the College prefers a learners topic align with the program emphasis, this alignment is not required. The College will remain flexible on the learners dissertation topic if it aligns with the degree program in which the learner is enrolled. The Ph.D. program in General Psychology does not support clinically based research.

Locate and download the most recent version of the Prospectus Template document in the DC Network. This document has helps and criteria information embedded to assist you in the completion of the prospectus. ATTACHED

Refer to your 10 Key Strategic Points document that you began in a previous course or residency. These will be included as an Appendix in this submission. ATTACHED

Doctoral learners are required to use APA style for their writing assignments. 

You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite.


Complete a draft of the prospectus by expanding on the information from your 10 Strategic Points document and the initial draft of the purpose and significance statements according to the helps and criteria presented in each section of the prospectus template. Be sure to synthesize into the prospectus draft all feedback given by prior instructors on your 10 Strategic Points and initial prospectus sections.

Include your 10 Key Strategic Points document as Appendix A in this submission.

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The post Full Draft Of Prospectus appeared first on Essay Writers.

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