I have attached a example of how the format should be. I also attached my non profit agency that will help with this letter. Has to be based off the Tulare County and Fresno CA area. The first is to send out a fundraising letter to potential foundations/donors. Using the format below, come up with a letter that addresses the below. Fundraising Letter to Foundations/Donors- Salutation: Address a specific individual Overview of organization: Opening paragraph, get attention with idea, how much you are requesting, how this idea furthers their mission statement. How are you a good fit with what they need? Needs Statement: Overview of problem, who will benefit from your program, why this needs to be addressed (severity) Project description: General overview of how project provides solution to problem, along with desired outcomes. Budget: One paragraph description of $ requested and how used, include other financial supporters, or future supporters. Agency credibility: Demonstrate how your agency is capable of delivering on its proposed objective. Show how you can deliver on their investment, include past accomplishments. (2 points) Closing statement: Ask permission to submit full proposal, ask for guidelines, and application, and include your contact info. (1 point) Now that you have some money for your agency, it is time to host your first annual event! Using the format below, go ahead and get creative and come up with an event that will WOW the community. Public Relations Event-8 points (Make a Flyer for the event (1 point) and answer questions) Can provide versatile funds and publicity. A poor event can be a PR disaster! The event sells your product and a good time What is your financial goal? Set clear financial goal. Consider outside sponsors. (1 point) Who is the target audience? (1 point) What is your budget to spend on event? (1 point) How much non-monetary support do you need? i.e. volunteer? In-kind donations? Set clear volunteer goals. (1 point) Who will plan and be responsible for event? (1 point) What type of fundraiser will you host? Better be fun/enjoyable. (1 point) How will you know/assess if it was a success? Build in evaluation and reflection. (1 point)

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