For this paper, you are asked to describe two or three ways your family or friends have directly or indirectly impacted your health/risk behavior. You might talk about how a conversation with a family member prompted you to change a health behavior (e.g., get a vaccine, stop smoking), or how seeing a friend enact a certain health behavior motivated you to do the same (e.g., eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly), or how seeing a friend enact a risk behavior influenced you to do the same (e.g., binge drinking, smoking, substance use).
1. Pick one health/risk behavior and discuss how interpersonal communication with your family/friends, or how your personal observation drove you to start/continue/terminate a health/risk behavior.
What Theoretical Approaches do you think is (are) appropriate to explain why you started/continued/terminated a health/risk behavior?  Please provide an evaluation on the practicality of that theory (or those theories).
3.  Were there other factors (other than interpersonal communication and personal observation) driving you to start/continue/terminate a health/risk behavior? Discuss those factors and compare their influences on your health/risk behavior with interpersonal communication and personal observation.
1.    At least two full pages.
2.    A logical conceptual flow.
3.    Proper spelling and grammar.
4.    Use 1-inch margins (top, bottom, left, and right).
5.    Use only 12-point, Times New Roman font, double spaced.
6.    A paragraph needs to have at least three sentences.

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