This is very past due, previous teacher didn’t bother do it and waited till I message him to tell me, I need someone who can do this asap. Thank you



Document/Visual Analysis


Objective:  Analyze primary sources between 1970-2011 to demonstrate understanding of American Identity in relation to citizenship or nationalism using a post-modern approach.


Select 2 visuals and a document that dates between 1970-2011 addressing citizenship or nationalism.

Write a response between 900-1000 words that demonstrates how the vis/doc supports or rejects

Note:  Be sure to explain and analyze your document from a postmodern view, make an explicit claim about thesources in relation to citizenship or nationalism, copy and paste the visual or excerpt to your answer (not separate). Use concepts throughout the course(American dream, nuclear war, American culture, history, and identity) but be sure to focus on a post-modern approach.

Due Date: 
Saturday the 22nd


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