Assignment Description:
ICE, while not directly a Public Safety communications call centre initiative, it is more a concept to
assist Public Safety Responders, and other people involved in health and
welfare systems to identify people in distress who are or maybe unable to speak for
themselves. This essay assignment is concerning a program called ICE or In Case of Emergency.
Your assignment is to locate information on this program and research and report on the following
Research report should be APA format, sources are to come from reputable sources not sources
such as Wikipedia. APA, spelling, grammar, and appropriate sentence structure will be marked.
The essay must answer the following questions:
Section 1:
History of ICE program?
Where was the program first implemented and how?
Section 2:
Since implementation what advancements and/or changes have been made?
Identify places and if possible organizations that are promoting the concepts of ICE both
emergency and non emergency services
Identify and report on how the original concept has been changed since first introduced.
Section 3:
What has changed and speculate on the validity of these changes
Hypothesize on what additional changes or improvements could be used or developed to increase
the effectiveness of ICE programs.
What are your suggestions for improvement/enhancement to the ICE program
Section 4
Summarize your assignment

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