How can information communication technologies (ICTs) such as email, voice mail, smartphones, and Wi-Fi affect individual, group, or organizational behaviors? Page 134 in your textbook presents the concept and examples of ICTs, which influence people’s behavior.

  1. Create a journal entry entitled ” Information Communication Technologies.”
  2. Identify three (3) types of ICTs, which are used in your organization for communication and daily operations. Which one is the primary ICT?
  3. Explain how the ICTs influence or impact employee attitudes or behaviors when using the ICTs for communication or to do their jobs. For example, some employees are intimidated with the technologies and unwilling to learn how to use them. Or, there are fewer face-to-face meetings and more online video or teleconferencing.
  4. Describe a benefit and a limitation of one (1) of the ICT you identified above. For example, satellite offices can attend company meetings via teleconferencing.
  5. Optional : Are there additional ICTs, not mentioned above, which your organization uses for communication and daily operations? For what purpose(s)? Are they effective or ineffective? Explain why or why not?


The purpose of this assignment is to familiarize you with communication technologies and to understand how they can influence and affect individual, group, and organizational behaviors.

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