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This is to help guide you in reflection on the course. This reflection will ultimately be the basis of the “letter of application” assignment. Answer the following questions:

1) What was the biggest hurdle when it came to the Annotated Bib? How did you overcome that obstacle? What do you feel like you accomplished with the Annotated Bib?

2) What did you argue about in your Classical Argument? Why did you choose that topic? Did your perspective about the topic change at all? Why/why not?

3) What was the argument made in your Rogerian? What middle ground did you propose? What was the common ground between both sides? Did the common ground change the way you looked at the overall debate? Did it have any effect on your solution?

4) What did you take away from the Toulmin Argument? What did categorizing do for you as a student? Do you feel like you examine arguments differently now? Why/Why not?

please  answer it and seperate it  like 1,2,3,4 and use it to write it like the outline that is provided. thank you.

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Letter of Application – collegepaperslab.com

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