Deadline for submission on editing:     8 Oct, 11:01 PM

Academic level: College

Subject or discipline:  Nursing

Title:  See directions below

Number of sources:      3

Paper format:   APA

# of pages:     5

Spacing:        Double spaced

# of words:     1375

Fadiman Book Review Directions


1.      Read Fadiman, A. book: [Fadiman, A. (1997). The Spirit Catches You

and You Fall Down. New York: Farrar, Straus, and Giroux.]

2.      Write review using following guidelines:

a.      APA 6th edition guidelines for a paper. Title page, running head,

page numbers, 1-1.5 margins, 11 or 12 pt/Time Roman font, Levels of

heading 1 (centered, bolded, upper and lower case) and level 2

headings (flush left, bolded, upper and lower case, see (pg 62 APA 6th

edition book), 3rd person, reference page.

b.      Format: Introduction required with purpose statement, body of paper

includes the following Summary (see below); Author and Sources (see

below [where did author graduate from college, jobs/positions held;

literary awards; specifics unique to the writing of this book];

Critique; and Conclusion.

c.      What should go in the section “Sources”: in this section write

about the author, A. Fadiman; where did she go to school, college?

What was her major? What jobs had she held in the past? How did she

get this particular assignment? Talk about her experience in writing

this book? There is quite a bit of information available on Ann

Fadiman so I believe you should be able to find this information

pretty easily.

3.      Recommendations for length 5 pages excluding title and reference page.