For your final paper, you will be researching and developing your point of view on a singular topic that was introduced throughout the course. In the paper, you will need to address the following:
An introduction to your chosen topic. Describe the topic and its key characteristics. What are the strengths and weaknesses of your topic? Also, discuss why you choose this topic and what you found most compelling about it.
How this topic relates to public health and why it is a problem. Include a summary and discussion of any data about occurrences in the United States and/or Globally. Discuss why this problem occurs.
Identify current methods used to address the problem. Describe alternative methods of preventing and controlling the problem.
Finally discuss how you would you improve this problem. You should explain how your proposal relates to the problem that you identified earlier in the paper, why you believe that it will work, and how your proposed measure(s) fill gaps in the current public health response.

Mass Incarceration

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Mass Incarceration –

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