math assignment 37 – –

math assignment 37 –


Hello, Please, provide a full explanations for each question with the correct answer in a word file. thank you

1-The Hulk decides to leap his way across the Nevada Desert. The massive green monster has a mass of 160 kg. If the Hulk leaps 1 mile into the air (1 mi = 1.609 km), how much potential energy (in J) does he have?

2-Can he swing from a thread? Just take a look overhead! Hey there! There goes the Spider-man!

If Spider-man weights 120 lbs and has 15,000 J of kinetic energy, how fast (in m/s) must he be swinging? (2.20 lbs = 1 kg)

3-The Thing throws Mr. Fantastic (who has obviously taken the form of a ball) 30 m into the air. If Mr. Fantastic weights 60 kg and is travelling at 11 m/s, what is the total energy (in J) for this process?

4-The Mighty Thor uses the momentum of his hammer to gain the power of flight. The stout 100 kg Thor swings his hammer for 15 s with a force of 10,000 N. How fast (in m/s) will the might Thor be travelling?

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math assignment 37 – –