Media Watch paper

Watch a TedTalk, C-SPAN, PBS Frontline or listen to a podcast or National Public Radio with a public policy focus for an hour, or read three articles in print media such as New York Times, Wall Street Journal, magazines, newspapers, or journals.  Then you will write a double-spaced critique that is no more than two pages. You will write in third person, using professional writing guidelines in APA format.  Consider the expertise of the participants/writer, the extent to which different points of view were presented, some underlying assumptions that were apparent, the depth of the discussion, what did you learn, and your perspective on the topic and why the topic is important.

Instructions :
1-Current health related policy is discussed, including background information and the entities affected by such policy

2-Media Source identified (must be a credible source) blog sites are not to be used

3Topic chosen via media watch is relevant to healthcare and health policies

4-Critique of Media Watch- an analysis of the policy and Media Watch

5-Discuss any biases that may be apparent within the Media Watch or policy

6- Your perspective of topic and its relevance (What was learned from the media watch and its importance?)

7-Paper is well written and concise. (follows 3rd person format)

8-The format is precise APA (6th ed.) style and professional writing void of grammatical and spelling errors. Please include a reference page.

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