George Orwells 1984 is a novel that embedded itself in the psyche of human society; the importance of its themes is constantly expounded upon by literary critics and laymen alike. However, as time moves further and further away from World War II, some now believe the novel to be outdated and irrelevant to modern humanity. Is that true? Or is 1984 still saying what it has to say?

Your task is to write an essay which analyzes the role of the themes within 1984 and how the novels treatment of these themes connects to our modern society. Id suggest picking one, maybe two themes to discuss, and really diving deep into exploring that/those themes within the book itself and the connections to our current U.S. culture. Your essay must be argumentative/persuasive, and must be in complete MLA formatno exceptions. This essay must be between 7-10 pages long, with at least 7 sources, including 1984.

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*Must know George Orwell1984* 1984 application on current US society –

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