On a school

School Context Study (10 points)

Select a school that you are either interested in working at or live near. Please explore the data from the school at the following links.

Explore the following websites:





Provide a summary of the demographic data of the students and faculty. Please make sure to include enrollment in specific programs (Special Education, ESOL, Gifted and Talented). Also, provide a summary of the schools CCRPI data. After your summary, provide a one- page reflection on the data that you discovered. 

Checklist Rubric for Grading

Background information on school (years opened, location, etc.)- 1 pt
Number of Students- .5 pts
Grades Served- .5 pts
Demographics of Students- .5 pts
Demographics of Teachers- .5 pts
Special Education Population- .5 pts
English Language Learners (may be written as ESOL) Population- .5 pts
Gifted and Talented Population- .5 pts
CCRPI Score- .5 pts
Section Sub- Scores (Content Mastery, Progress, Closing Gaps, Readiness, School Climate, Financial Efficacy)- 1 pt
Strengths and Weaknesses of CCRPI Score- 2 pt
One- page Reflection (insights, commentary)- 2 pts

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The post On a school appeared first on Essay Writers.

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