Pillars of Admistration

Students research and prepare a 12-15 page, APA formatted paper, including title page, abstract and reference page(s). The paper will provide demonstrated knowledge of the 6 pillars of public administration. Discussion within the paper will include all 6 pillars of PA, including a connection to leadership theory for each pillar, then practical application and connection of the pillars/theory to PA leadership.  The paper must be written with sound discussion at the doctoral level, including correct grammar, demonstrated understanding of topic / and correct use of PA, theory and leadership terminology. A faith integration section must be include

The six pillars to be analyzed are
1. The politics/administration dichotomy
2. Accountability
3. Legitimacy
4. Equity/Fairness
6. Efficiency/ Effectiveness

-The exemplary paper demonstrates and articulates interpretation of organizational systems including administrative functions and policy maker (legislative) leadership processes. The exemplary paper expresses detailed analysis, synthesis and explanation of legitimate power in organizational systems.

-The exemplary paper demonstrates the writers ability to define and describe the political-administrative dichotomy / paradigm and compare / contrast key political and administrative actors in the public systems. The exemplary paper demonstrates doctoral level research and analysis.

-The exemplary paper demonstrates clear doctoral level explanation of social equity in American public administration and its overall importance / application to public organizations. The exemplary paper shows evidence of prediction of how moral leadership contributes to inspiring leaders in the advancement of social equity.

-The exemplary paper combines public sector and business leadership practices in evaluating their impact on public sector organizations. The exemplary paper demonstrates evidence of case study analysis to identify and evaluate leadership efficiency, effectiveness, accountability and legitimacy. The writer has correctly utilized the 6 pillars of PA to construct the paper.

-The exemplary paper develops a central theme of how a Christian World View provides guidance for leadership in the public arena. The paper provides depth in faith integration.

-Evidence of exemplary research techniques that clearly demonstrates depth of effort, quality of research and appropriate to topic dynamics, including faith integration. Includes a minimum of 8 peer reviewed references (books, articles) in alphabetical order with flawless APA formatting.

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The post Pillars of Admistration appeared first on Essay Writers.

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