Project 14-1 Reservation Calculator

Project 14-1: Reservation Calculator
Create an application that gets arrival and departure dates for a reservation and calculates the total amount for the stay.

Reservation Calculator

Enter the arrival month (1-12): 5

Enter the arrival day (1-31): 16

Enter the arrival year: 2018

Enter the departure month (1-12): 5

Enter the departure day (1-31): 18

Enter the departure year: 2018

Arrival Date: May 16, 2018

Departure Date: May 18, 2018

Price: $145.00 per night

Total price: $290.00 for 2 nights

Continue? (y/n): n


Create a class named Reservation that defines a reservation. This class should contain instance variables for the arrival date and departure date. It should also contain a constant initialized to the nightly rate of $145.00.

The Reservation class should include the following methods:

public LocalDate getArrivalDate()

public String getArrivalDateFormatted()

public setArrivalDate(LocalDate arrivalDate)

public LocalDate getDepartureDate()

public String getDepartureDateFormatted()

public setDepartureDate(LocalDate departureDate)

public int getNumberOfNights()

public String getPricePerNightFormatted()

public double getTotalPrice()

public String getTotalPriceFormatted()

Assume that the dates are valid and that the departure date is after the arrival date.

Possible enhancement
Allow the user to enter the date in the MM/DD/YYYY format.

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The post Project 14-1 Reservation Calculator appeared first on Essay Writers.

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