PSY 110 Social Psychology


Two paragraph answer per discussion, APA format, references and plagiarism free. Need it by Wednesday 27, 2015 no later than noon central time.


Discussion 1


“Social Influence” Please respond to the following:


•Analyze the positive and negative causes and results of conformity, compliance, and obedience in a specific social environment.


•Describe an event in which you (or someone you observed*) followed the group in an activity that you (or the other person) did not agree with. Explain the reasons for the behavior. (Do not use the names of people you discuss.)


Discussion 2


“Group Behavior and Leadership” Please respond to the following:


•Explain at least two (2) ways in which group decision making and behavior may influence one of the following groups: work team, social clique, or gang.


•Compare and contrast two (2) leaders – one (1) positive and one (1) negative – in at least three (3) ways, and discuss the social influence each type of leader has on the others in a specific group. Support your response with specific examples.