Qualitative Research Critique

– Summarize the research question, methods, and findings of the assigned qualitative study.
– Evaluate the appropriateness of the research methods and analytical approaches used in the study. Support the position with evidence cited from the textbook and at least one other scholarly source about the research design or method.
– Analyze ethical issues pertaining to how the study was carried out.
– Critique the strengths, weaknesses, and limitations of the study.
–  Recommend a research question and methods for a follow-up study on the topic.

    Utilize the provided template with section headings.



Farmer, J. R., Mackinnon, S. P., & Cowie, M. (2017). Perfectionism and life narratives: A qualitative study. SAGE Open, 7(3), 1-14. doi: 10.1177/2158244017721733

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