Reflection of entrepreneurship –

Submit a 5 to 5 1/2 page double spaced report that recaps the topics covered and lessons learned in this course. (1 inch margins, 11 – 12pt font, no bullets or extra wide spacing). You will lose points automatically if you submit less than 5 full pages, use large font, or pad with extra spacing to obtain the minimum of 5 full pages.

Students will write a comprehensive reflection paper that recaps your takeaways from the course. Reflect on what you learned about individual entrepreneurs (including yourself); the challenges and benefits of the pursuit of opportunities for entrepreneurship (including understanding target markets and conducting industry and market research). Also discuss whether your entrepreneurial intentions and aspirations increased or decreased from engaging in the various course activities. In your report,

1. Reference specific topics covered in Modules 1 – 13. Discuss your key takeaways.

2. Make specific reference to textbook chapter material.

3. Discuss information from the power point slides and supplementary videos and course material.

4. Discuss your key takeaways from the lessons in each module.

5. Other discussion points:

a. What did you learn about your own entrepreneurial ambitions and pursuits?

b. What did you learn about designing a product and running a venture?

c. What are some of the pitfalls that you can avoid going forward as a future entrepreneur?

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Reflection of entrepreneurship –