write about reproductive isolation and the 3 types
Essay assignment guidelines:

For this assignment, be sure that you follow the standards of academic writing. The assignment consists of a 1-page essay about a topic of your choice based on the lectures covered in midterm 2 (lectures 11-17). Your essay will require a brief introduction, a concise and focused claim about the topic selected, two to three main points you will address, solid reasoning, and textual evidence along with an explanation of its significance. 

Worth: 2 point bonus towards Midterm 2 overall grade (out of 15 points).

Requirement: Single-spaced. Times New Roman 12-point font. All citations will be MLA parenthetical citation. Include an additional References page.

Citing sources: correct and complete citation of sources is vital. Failure to properly cite your sources amounts to plagiarism. For example, in-text citations should look like this:

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