Romanesque art and its symbolism

1. The job must have a minimum extension of three sheets and a maximum of five. (Not including bibliography)

2. Writing the essay must follow the MLA

3. The research work must contain three bibliographic references. Articles should be, as far as possible, academic.

4. Two of these bibliographical entries have to be in Spanish. The third can be in English.

The essay contains an original and interesting thesis that presented in a clare and concise way

The author has done a thorough and thorough analysis of the proposed topic.

All arguments or aspects analized are linked to the idea principal, and are organized in a logical way:
Introduction or approach
Knot or development
Desenlance (conclusions)

Every information is presented in a clear and concise manner. All used items are collected in the bibliography.

Essay well written. Correct grammar and formal style. Fits the MLA

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Romanesque art and its symbolism –

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