First Short Written Assignment:
Students will read one of the chapters by Plutarch on Caesar, Cicero, or Cleopatra (in the Antony chapter). To find the chapters, put in for your search Plutarch’s Lives-The Internet Classics Archive.
The website should come up on your search results. Click on it and then scroll down below where it says Works by Plutarch to whichever one of the three chapters you want to read and click on it.
After reading the chapter, there are the two questions, one of which you will answer based on the chapter that you read. If you read the chapter on Caesar, answer question #1 or if you read the chapter on Cicero, answer question #2. If you read about Cleopatra in the Antony chapter, just change the name from Caesar to Cleopatra and answer question #1.
Your answer should be a half page to a full page in length. It should include at least two short quotes from the chapter to support your answer. The answer can be handwritten in pen or typed. After the first quote that you use (“_________”) cite the web address of the website in parentheses, but you need not cite it again after the other quote(s).
The Questions: 
Question #1: What does Plutarch seem to think of Caesar? Does he provide any evidence that could be used to formulate an opinion of Caesar different than his? How would rate Plutarch as a histornian in terms of objectivity and insight?
Question #2: What does Plutarch view as strenghts and weaknesses of Cicero? What motives does he attributes to Cicero? What kind of things does Plutarch like to focus on in his writing of history?