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The Peoples Republic of China (PRC) is currently implementing what is called a Social Credit System (SCS) that assigns each citizen a score based upon data collected concerning their social behavior namely, how individuals behave in public. This data includes such things as, for example, whether a citizen has jaywalked (an action that would lower a persons score), and is collected by such means as security cameras linked to databases using facial-recognition technology. Such scores will be used to determine access to employment, schooling, and even travel.     

Defenders of the system argue that it incentivizes good public behavior. In addition, its argued that such a system would be fairer than ones currently in use throughout the world to rate individuals (such as credit scores, which are widely used in the U.S.), since those other systems assess individuals along only a single dimension (for example, financial behavior in the case of credit scores).

Evaluate these arguments given in defense of SCS. 

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social credit system –