If you have NOT TAKING SOCIOLOGY DO NOT EVEN ASK, I need someone who has taken introduction to Sociology to take the second Quiz for week one I will give you details on where you will go log in it is open book and is 2.0 hours long PLEASE IF YOU HAVE NOT TAKEN THIS CLASS AND DO NOT KNOW ENOUGH TO PASS THIS QUIZ PLEASE I ASK NICE DO NOT BOTHER WITH THE HAND SHAKE I WILL CHECK BIO AND WILL MAKE SURE YOU QUALIFY FIRST. On all other things such as Essay’s and sucn I try jard to be very fair I do a LOT of business here on this site so I try to help everyone out that I can even if it is just worth 5.00 and I always make sure i give you a very nice Rating and I make sure and write something very nice about you and I even reframe from ugly even if it a bad expierence which maybe twice I never went and BASHED anyone on their rating site. I am 49 my husband passed very unexpectedly on Christmas Eve leaving behind our Grand Daughter she is disabled we have had her since Birth and let me tell all of you try telling your 5 EVERY SINGLE day she asks what time is Daddy coming home, I am dealing with more than anyone should have to be right now, I do not want your sympthy Empathy is fine, PLEASE BE KIND and please think outside of the Box this is a case where it is NOT ALL ABOUT THE MONEY I am trying to Home School her also keep going in college it is just the two of us and it is very hard on me, I am fair minded I feel some of the prices are way too cheap I always try and make it a little better for you all,,,,I am not by NO MEANS A TAKER I am a GIVER so consider everything you have before BLASTING ME JUST TO MAKE A QUICK AMOUNT OF MONEY. Not asking you for a lot just a little help and please keep in mind I am in a Honor class which means 12 weeks is 5 weeks so it so fast I can not keep up so I am using you all at the rate of 150.00 a week may not be much money to you but you know what I pay everyone I never leave anyone in holding the bad, you worked hard and no matter if I by mistake did a shake with someone else I still pay you that is my fault I do not punish any of you for my mistakes. Thank You and please think about all I have said before you sat you can do this. Thank you to each and everyone of you I am so Humbled to have such nice and I really have never ran into a Tutor that was anything but kind considerate and did a Great Job for me. Again Thank you all so much,,,,Laura 

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