Please attach your Research Paper here as a Word document. Include your Works Cited page as an actual last page of the paper. (In other words, DON’T turn in your Works Cited page as a separate, additional attachment.)  I’ve included several attachments that should be helpful as you complete your work, including a rubric and a self-check list.  Be sure to read them all carefully!  Remember that you received the guidelines for this paper in your Webquest, but here they are again, just in case!

The paper is to be 4-5 pages in length. The Works Cited page does not count as one of these pages.
You will use at least five credible sources, or pieces of research, for support in your paper.
You may not use first person.
The five sources must be from academic websites or journal articles or books. No dot com sites should be usedunless you are absolutely sure its a credible source.  (Not sure?  Post it on the Bulletin Board and ask for advice!). Look for,, or sites for help.
You must use at least 4 quotes in your paper and include signal phrases.
Your paper must include an MLA Works Cited page and use proper MLA internal documentation.
Your topic must be a current social issue.
In your paper, you will developing a proposal.  See Chapter 12 for details.  Remember the formula:  WHO should do WHAT because WHY. Remember the “off-limit” topics: gun control, capital punishment, abortion, legalizing MJ.)
You may use any of the argument styles that we have practiced so far this semester.

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