Take it or Leave It

Analyze the Case Study “Take it or Leave it” on page 51-52 of your textbook. Prepare a paper answering the following questions:

        Why did Martin become disappointed?
        Do you think that Beth’s decision was reasonable? Why or why not?
        What are some factors that Beth should consider when transferring employees from Atlanta to San Jose?  From San Jose to Atlanta?

Support your analysis with at least two recent scholarly sources to substantiate your insights.

        The analysis should be presented in APA format.
        The analysis should be 3-5 pages in length, excluding the title page, abstract and references.
Case 1: Take It or Leave It

Both John Johnson and Martin LeBlanc are employed as systems software engineers for a budding social media company with offices in San Jose, California and Atlanta, Georgia. In fact, John and Martin studied at the same university and were in several courses together. Both were hired last year at about the same time, assigned to work in the Atlanta office. John accepted the companys salary offer of $65,000 and Martin negotiated a slightly higher starting salary. Both salaries were competitive with starting pay for software engineers employed in Atlanta.

After six months on the job, Martins manager, Beth Liu, called him into her office to discuss his early job performance. Beth lavished Martin with praise, citing his technical skills prowess, for taking the initiative to recommend system improvements, and his demonstrated ability to work well with others. Of course, Martin was pleased, and he expressed satisfaction in his role and he promised to make more impressive contributions to the company.

Beth said that she was pleased to hear Martins thoughts and indicated that she looked forward to his further contributions. Then, she went on to say that a software engineer in the San Jose office left the company and asked him to fill the vacancy. Martin was excited to hear the news because he had hoped to work in the San Jose office one day.

Before leaving Beths office, Martin asked her to confirm his new salary rate. Beth was puzzled by the question because Martin would be assuming the same role in San Jose. She reminded him of this fact and indicated that his salary would remain the same. Following company policy, Martin could expect to receive future pay increases based on performance or promotion into a higher-ranking job. His excitement turned to disappointment and he had second thoughts about moving to San Jose and began wondering whether he should take it or leave it.


1.      2-6.Why did Martin become disappointed?

2.      2-7.Do you think that Beths decision was reasonable? Why or why not?

3.      2-8.What are some of the factors that Beth should consider when transferring employees from Atlanta to San Jose? From San Jose to Atlanta?

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