My professor included what is needed for this essay, so I will just paste what she posted here.

For this essay, you will define what makes a movie or television show “good.”  You will need to set forth the criteria you use to judge.  Unlike the evaluative essay, you will not be presenting a single example of a good movie or television show and explaining why it is good. Instead, you will be letting your audience know, in general, what you “good” means when you are talking about movies or television shows.  What are looking for when you decide whether you enjoy a movie or television show?  You may name specific movies or shows as specific examples in your essay, but your focus throughout the essay should be the criteria you use to define “good” when you are discussing movies or television shows.  Letting your audience know your criteria is almost like training your “recommended” list or your YouTube “recommended” list: you are giving your readers enough information to recommend a movie or television show to you and be confident that you would enjoy that movie or television show.

Anything is fine, as long as it aligns with the topic of what defines a good person.

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