The Rise of School Violence

n the essays or videos, describe a learning activity that you have done (provide the example with your assignment) and how you successfully showed proficiency in each section (bullet) of the competency.  For example,  you have an activity from an English course and want to use it for the Written Communication Competency.  So, you need to explain how parts or the whole of the activity include the aspects of the competency:

1* Choose and narrow a subject.

2* Identify a purpose and formulate an appropriate thesis statement.

3* Organize ideas effectively and develop them within a logical paragraph structure.

4* Support points clearly with adequate and specific evidence.

5* Demonstrate command of accepted English sentence structure and grammar.

6* Revise and edit according to standard English practice, including attention to punctuation and appropriate vocabulary.

7* Acknowledge all sources by documenting research according to a recognized manual.

You can either use screen shots or quote parts of the activity to explain how this evidence you are providing meets the assignment requirements & competency.  So- if you cited sources at the end then you can state that for #7 you documented your research according to APA/MLA etc…then provide a screen shot of the page.  Try your best to provide evidence for 100% of the competency components. 

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