Reply to each student and teacher below who commented, they are the ones in red. apply you answer your responds to the main question for the students and for the teacher respond to him using my answer. There will be a total of 5 paragraphs. 1 paragraph for each student (4 students) and 1 paragraph for the teacher question to my answer ( 1 teacher comment)


Here is the main question

Are bonds ideal investments? Why or why not? Compare and contrast them with stocks and other investments.



Student 1

I think bonds are a great investment being that the risk in this type of investment is very low. Bonds are usually held for a longer term so it is important to create a plan for how long you intend on keeping the bond before purchase. It is also important to read up on the bonds rating so that you can analyze the risk involved. However, when making a choice between owning shares and bonds I would go with shares being that they potentially yield a higher return. 


Student 2

There several kinds of bonds. I think investing in most types of bonds is a good idea…

Most bonds pay in interest payments not dividends they do not relie on how the company is doing and then the investor receives a percentage of the profit. Bonds are for a specific time period an investor receives interest payments until the bond matures then they receive their initial investment back. It seems to be a safe investment because you don’t lose your initial investment. With the exception of

Debentures bonds are riskier then others because they are unsecured bonds. If thy company files bankruptcy the debt is paid before the bonds are paid.

Variable interest rate bonds don’t pay the same interest rate every payment. These payments vary with inflation or changes in interest rates.

Income bonds require that the interest be paid only if the if the firm earns it.

With Stocks you can lose your initial investment and the profit that you made from them. But because stocks are riskier you can make more from them. You just need to make sure that your portfolio has many types of companies and don’t put all your trust in one type of fund.

CD’s are similar to bonds in some ways because you never lose your initial investment and you know what you are going to receive in the end.


Student 3

The ideal investment is relative to each person. Some people prefer high return over safe return, which others chose the latter. Assuming that the “ideal” is a medium of the two, yes, bonds can be an ideal investment. When buying bonds it is wise to choose carefully, federal government bonds are a safe bet since the government will be around to pay the debt at maturity. They do not typically carry the best interest rate but that is the tradeoff of risk and return. Junk bonds, those with low quality and high interest rates are not the ideal way to invest if one is not familiar or comfortable with high risk investing. On the other hand, bonds are an investment that cannot be cashed out early without a penalty of some sort. With stocks, a dollar amount can be purchased then sold at will, though fees may apply. I prefer stocks for this reason, you can also receive dividends from certain stocks.


Here is another main question

For this week’s discussion, post a response to the following:

We all have purchased something at one time or another (more than likely on a daily or weekly basis). What does it mean to own an article of personal property? Does personal property only pertain to big purchases (house, car, boat, etc.)?

When you make specific purchases, you may receive information on a warranty. Why is it suggested that we fully read any and all warranties before we make a purchase? Have you ever purchased something then found it to be defective? If so, discuss how you handled the process to ensure you received a replacement…or did you?


This is what I wrote

Personal property is anything, tangible, that you own with the exception of real property (land, house) doesn’t have to be big purchases. Always read warranty—some say that if you open the item, it voids any written or implied warranties. I once bought a dish washer on sale in the winter. I tried to use it in the summer, it wouldn’t start. Warranty was voided because it was over 90 days from the time I purchased it, even though it never left the box or was tried out when we first bought it. There was nothing I could do since I could not get a replacement. Had I read the warranty I could have avoided that.


This is what the teacher wrote

Can you provide another example in which a warranty was necessary? Was it real or personal property?

What would be the other court materials you would need support this?

Answer what he asked me


Here is a student respond to the student

Personal property is property owned by an individual which is movable and is not affixed to or associated with the land. House cars and boats would be considered real property.

It is important to read the warranty in full because there is often certain aspects in which the warranty does not cover the item of it voids the warranty. An example would be if you buy a flat screen TV. You are playing one of the video games where you jump around and throw your remotes around and one goes into the TV and it breaks the warranty will not usually cover this since it is your fault you broke it. But, if you purchase a warranty that covers all damage you may be able to get a new television.

I have always been very careful when making large purchases with warranties. I always purchase an extended and follow all of the required maintenance you must do keep the warranty valid. I have purchased items that were defective but because of my due diligence I was always able to get a replacement quickly. The only time I had an issue was when I went to  l Lowes to exchange a defective microwave I had purchased. My local store did not have one instock so they sent me to another one close by. Since my local store had given me a deal to to some other issues the other Lowes store was not willing to do the exchange unless the other store came and picked it up from them. I had to wait an extra day, but my microwave was replaced and the store gave me a discount on the cookout I ordered due to the hassle of the microwave.




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