Week 8 Powershell – collegepaperslab.com | Instant Assignment Help

Week 8 Powershell – collegepaperslab.com | Instant Assignment Help

  – Information Systems

Create a PowerPoint presentation with following  (Save as w8_firstname_lastname.PPTX).

We did not cover PowerShell in this course; you are tasked to use PowerShell as your scripting language.

Create at least 9 Slides to cover the following:-

1) The role of scripting in system administration

2) How to apply security measures in scripting

3) What is PowerShell

4) Can PowerShell run in other platforms

5) How to Assign variables

6) How to use if-then

7) How to use loops

8) How do I apply security on PowerShell scripts

9) How do I use PowerShell Scripting in everyday tasks?


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