Write 4 History Essays Minimum 2 full pages for each essay.

Essay 1: Imagine yourself to be an immigrant from Europe or Asia in the late nineteenth century. Write a 2 pae letter to relatives back homein whic you describe housng, work, and opportunity in the United States. Would you tell them to join you or not?   (07/16/13) minimum 2 full pages


Essay 2: You are a progressive in the early twentieth century. In a well reasoned essay, identify three major domestic issues facing the nation and explain how you propose to address these issues through government action. due (07/19/13) minimum 2 full pages


Essay 3: In a well developed essay, compare and contrst the scandals of the U.S. Grant, Warren Harding, and Richard Nixon administrations. What are the lessons of these scandals. (cite your sources)  due (07/19/13) minimum 2 full pages


Essay 4: Investigate current immigration policy and the major issues surrounding contemporary immigration to the United States. What are your recommendations for futre policies? (cite your sources) due (07/19/2013) minimum 2 full pages

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